Educational offering

Guided tours

Guided tour of the exhibition
for school groups

  • Duration: 1h 15min
  • Cost: € 65
  • Intended for: Primary School, Middle School and High School

Guided tour of the exhibitiona
for NON-school groups

  • Duration: 1h 15min
  • Cost: € 110
  • Intended for: families, younger children, older children and adults

Animated Tours

Once upon a time... the cyclops Polyphemus and other stories

  • Duration: 1h 15min
  • Cost: € 65
  • The objective of the visit is to introduce young children to the magical world of myths and legends through the telling of stories, in the style of a fairy tale, with the main characters taking the form of monstrous creatures, superheroes, gods and humans, as immortalised on the walls of the rooms in the luxurious residences of the ancient Romans. The visit is enriched by practical activities to be carried out in the exhibition rooms.
  • Intended for: Nursery school (5 years), first two years of primary school

Dear Aeneas, Dear Dido

  • Duration: 1h 15min
  • Cost: € 65
  • While taking in the entire exhibition route, the guided tour will focus on those subjects represented in the decorations of the affluent residences of Pompeii, and in particular on the main characters in the legends. Clients and painters shared the same cultural climate as literati and poets, in whose works the ancient myths were explored in great depth. The aim is to capture youngsters’ attention through this link: some of the heroines depicted on the walls of Pompeii will come to life by means of the words in their imaginary letters to their loved ones, based on Ovid’s Heroides.

    The activities will then continue in class: with the help of specially designed sheets and examples, as part of a letter-writing workshop, girls and boys can bring other mythical figures to life. The content they come up with can then be showcased in a dedicated space on the exhibition website.

    For those preparing to study the Latin authors, material can be provided to expand on the connections between images and texts.

  • Intended for: High school pupils

Workshop with guided tour of the exhibition

Domus. A dream house

  • Duration: 1h 30min
  • Cost: € 75
  • What did it mean in practical terms to decorate a domus? Which materials were used when preparing the walls, and which tools and techniques were deployed to create the paintings? How was the painters’ work organised? Which pictorial subjects and decorative schemes were favoured by rich clients?


    The workshop will allow youngsters to discover all this and more besides, thanks to a role-playing game that will see them become clients, decorators, apprentice painters, assistants and masters all involved in decorating a room within the domus, made to look like an actual building site!


    The activity will be preceded by an introduction during which a typical aristocratic townhouse will be analysed using the scale model of a Pompeiian domus, highlighting the various spaces that comprise it and their intended use. The final part of the workshop will be carried out in the exhibition space, where the boys and girls will discover the original instruments and will be helped to recognise the various pictorial themes.

  • Intended for: Primary School, Middle School

For information and bookings

  02 91446110

Call center hours: Monday-Friday 9.00 - 18.00

Free educational activity as part of the
PON Metro project (National Metropolitan Cities Operating Programme) 2014-2020

Attività didattica gratuita su progetto

Schools in the Municipality of Bologna and in the Metropolitan Area can request the provision free of charge of the educational workshop being held during the exhibition, by submitting a project geared towards making the most of the cultural assets and towards using the cultural heritage as a means of integration and social inclusion and support for those struggling at school.

Projects drafted using the template that can be downloaded via this link, must be submitted by 31 October 2022 to

Please note that what is provided free of charge is the educational service. The school is still liable for the cost of visiting the exhibition.


For the exhibition, a number of accessibility tools have been made available, alongside the audio guide, the texts of which will also be available to read, a guided tour of the exhibition in Italian Sign Language can be requested free of charge at la visita guidata alla mostra in LIS.

  • Guided tour of the exhibition in ISL
    (Italian Sign Language)
  • Durata: h 1.15
  • Destinatari: families, younger children, older children and adults


Educational section of the Museo Civico Archeologico in Bologna (Laura Bentini, Elena Maria Cané, Anna Dore).
All of the activities are led by archaeologists employed by ASTER s.r.l

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Mostra I Pittori di Pompei.
Museo Civico Archeologico, Via dell'Archiginnasio, 2 - 40124 Bologna.
Dal 23/09/2022 al 01/05/2023.

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